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  • Underwater World Pattaya

    The Most Beautiful Aquarium in Pattaya
  • Open Ocean Zone

    Come face to face with the big powerful predators from the ocean depths,
  • We have many activity

    for our visitors, you will enjoy with every program, Let's fun!
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Touch Pool Zone

At the Touch Pool Zone, there are rock pool creations from coal areas around Thailand. You are able to interact

Magic Tank

Be amazed by Magic Tank – the onlytank in Thailand of it’s kind! The Mystical Gravity Interactive concept will take you

Coral Reef Zone

Wonder though the transparent acrylic tunnel and be greeted by schools of colorful fish in the tropical coral reefs Read More

Open Ocean Zone

Come face to face with the big powerful predators from the ocean depths, including Black Tip Reef Sharks,

Giant of Siam Zone

The sunken ship has become an excellent home for many aquatic animals. The artificial shipwreck is fantastic of Thailand. Read More
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About Underwater World Pattaya

Underwater World Pattaya is only one aquarium in Pattaya city, we have gathered a lot of sea creatureswith colorful coral, get it through the large clear acrylic tunnels more than 105 meters that make you see sea creatures all around you 180 degrees as you dive deep into the sea.

In the tunnels have 3 zone Coral Reef Zone, Shark and Stingray Zone andGiant of Siam Zone, moreover we would like to prefer new zone of Jellyfish Zone, the biggest collection and display of jellyfish in Thailand. And also in each zone have history and knowledge to inform to you.

The surrounding area is also decorated with shores, sandy beaches and rocky rapids, similar to a retreat on a private island. There are also many other animals to enjoy such as Otter, they came from Indonesia, reptile zones from around the world, etc.

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Underwater World Pattaya: On Foot Aquatic Voyage of Thailand

The city of Pattaya, second most visited City of Thailand feels like one big theme park. It’s a good thing since it used to have a reputation of being seedy. Not only were the stretches of beach a main draw and the Pattaya Sea Adventure, there are several man-made attractions. From the lively night life of cabarets and muay thai arenas, theme parks have popped up all over the place. The Underwater World Pattaya is one that is family friendly and offers a glimpse of the nearby underwater world of Thailand without the need to get wet.

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  • Exhibition Bitec 2020: 3-6 Sep | 10.00 – 21.00 hrs. +

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